Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Leave it to leftists to make a terror attack about gun control. As Greg Gutfeld said on The Five yesterday, “Were the 9/11 attacks due to the lack of box cutter control? Did the lack of pressure cooker control cause the Boston Bombing?” The focus should be on terrorism.


Instead, the Obama administration and other Democrats are hell bent on using this as a means of trying shame Republicans into agreeing to another pointless gun control bill.

The fight is against radical Islam. A twisted and evil faction of faith that says, “Go ahead and kill anybody. Men. Women. Children. Of all faiths if they are “infidels.”

Yet here is Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, prattling on about gun control:

When does this insanity stop? Why does the left continue to think that restricting the rights of law abiding Americans is going to stop the radical Muslims — even those born here in the United States — from following the law?

They are already hellbent on killing as many as possible. The only people who will follow the new gun laws Obama wants are the people who are not a danger to begin with.


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