Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump hating and open borders advocate Mark Zuckerberg has exposed himself as a hypocrite. The Facebook CEO is building a 6 foot tall stone wall around his 750 acre oceanfront beach property.

Neighbors are furious as the wall is so high that is blocking their views of the ocean. Just like your average liberal, he thinks rules are made for us, not him. This really is pretty appalling. He has skewered Trump for wanting to build a wall at the border of Mexico, but he builds his own wall around his vacation home to keep the locals out AND obstructs their views.

Check out the video below of the wall being built. Neighbors are rightfully upset. They bought homes with ocean views and Zuckerberg is giving them the middle finger.

Neighbor Gy Hall said, “The feeling of it is really oppressive. It’s immense. It’s really sad that somebody would come in, and buy a huge piece of land and the first thing they do is cut off this view that’s been available and appreciative by the community here for years.”

Zuckerberg is the epitome of the faults of gentrification. He’s pushing the locals out, even obstructing the view of the lands where their forefathers lived.

Another local said, “I’m super unhappy about that. I know that land belongs to Zuckerberg. Money is no option for him. I’m 5’8” and when I’m walking, I see nothing but wall. It just doesn’t fit in with the natural beauty that we have here. There are people on the island who money can pay for anything. These kind of things that they do take away what Kauai is all about.”


Since Zuckerberg is such an open borders advocate, maybe he should build his next home along the border. Let’s see if he puts a wall up there to keep the illegals from his property.

Please share this if you think Mark Zuckerberg is a hypocrite! H/T: Daily Mail

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