Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Facebook pledged to remove hate speech within 24 hours, but their bias is showing. Apparently, their version of hate speech doesn’t include violence towards conservatives.

The page “I F***ing Want To Kill Donald Trump” has been up for over two months – far exceeding Facebook’s 24 hour pledge. Does this seem like hate speech to you?

The page has been complained about numerous times. Each time, Facebook ignores the pleas to take the page down. Apparently, it’s not hate speech to ask which weapon you would use to kill the presumptive GOP nominee. How is this okay?

Should we be surprised at this after it was revealed last week that Facebook keeps conservative leaning news out of its “trending” section?

This is outrageous. And we have to work extra hard since the social media giant is working against us.

Share this to expose Facebook’s liberal bias and hypocrisy. 

H/T: Info Wars

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