Monday, June 13, 2016

Following the massacre at Pulse Nightclub over the weekend, Franklin Graham pointed out something obvious that was missing in President Obama’s speech about the tragedy.

The words “radical Islamic terrorism” didn’t cross the president’s lips once as he spoke on the murders. Instead, he pivoted to his gun grabbing agenda. Gun control wouldn’t have stopped this as ISIS doesn’t look to obey our laws, even when they are laws pushed and supported by one Barack Obama. After I listened to Obama on Sunday, I wondered what side he is actually on. He seems more concerned with protecting the terrorists than Americans.

In a Facebook post, Graham brought the hammer down on Obama’s speech that was tainted with his liberal agenda rather than national security.

If you haven’t heard Obama’s speech yet, check it out in the video below. He clearly is looking to use this tragedy to come after our guns. Essentially, he is taking advantage of a radical Islamic terrorist attack on our own people to further limit our abilities to defend ourselves. What a creep!

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