Friday, June 24, 2016

Churches, high school athletic teams, and other organizations look for creative solutions for fundraising. Sometimes they will sell everyday products that people use regularly. People tend to gobble up these deals because they are buying things they would just buy at the grocery store.

But, the joke might be on the consumers as there are companies that are peddling counterfeit laundry detergent and using organizations who fundraise as their unknowing peddlers.

You can see a comparison between Tide and the fake Tide sold in 5 gallon buckets for charity. Obviously, it isn’t the same product.

Not only can you tell that in the stain comparison, but also in the fact that Tide and Gain aren’t sold in 5 gallon buckets.


These companies are relying on the good natured intentions of people who want to support charities. But, these people are being manipulated and defrauded out of their money.

The companies are making a fortune. They are using cheap and fake laundry detergent and having high school athletes or church members unknowingly selling it as the real deal. This is happening right in the open. A quick Google search for “Tide 5 gallon buckets” will show you how to buy the counterfeit detergent in your area.

Buyer beware! If you are solicited to purchase a household item from an organization, do your research. You may just be better off making a donation to the organization you want to support.

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