Thursday, June 2, 2016

Golf is not an easy sport. It takes time, patience, and a lot of practice to get to a point where one can be considered a mediocre player. It also requires at times the ability to make tricky shots. Moving a ball on the course (assuming you follow the rules) is a big no-no and will cost the player one stroke. In addition, the ball must be moved back to where it was.

So these kinds of shots  happen from time to time. Sometimes they have unexpected results as this golfer found out:

Mike Ferik, hole 15 Alta Vista CC. Placentia CA. Memorial Day 2016. #oops

A video posted by Tom Solomonson (@tmsgolfer) on

So funny. What’s even funnier is one of his friends is literally on the floor laughing and another is on his hands and knees laughing. The friend holding the camera is guffawing and finally….finally….one friend brings over a towel. The laughter by all is infectious.

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