Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The terrorist bombings at the Istanbul airport are a reminder that ISIS is all around. They are also not concerned about killing fellow Muslims as they likely made up the bulk of those killed and injured in the attacks.

Security cameras actually caught some of the bombings including one where a suspect was shot but still managed to detonate the explosives he had on him.


Worse yet is hearing the victims describe what they were seeing. Check out this video as survivors discuss it:

Some more described here:

Just minutes before one of the bombs would explode, airport employee Levent Karaoglan said he passed the area where it would detonate. He was inside a plane when he heard the explosion.
“I was heavily shaken by the explosion even though I was inside the plane,” Karaoglan said. “When I got back inside the airport, everywhere was covered with smoke, all of the windows were shattered and people were fluttering around.”
He started frantically looking for his colleagues. The explosion, he said, was near the counter where he usually works.
“My colleagues who work at the ticket sale desk, they were on the ground and crying,” he said. “A couple of my friends are wounded, hit on the head by different objects.”
The scene haunted him: “There are many casualties, legs, arms and everything, everywhere.”
Survivors walked through the damaged airport, their steps crunching the shattered glass and crumbled pieces of the collapsed ceiling. Blood pooled on the floor and the air reeked of stuffy, hot smoke.
“It looked like a disaster movie,” said one witness, Laurence Cameron.
Richard Kalnins had just landed at the airport and was on his way to passport control when people started rushing towards him screaming “‘bomb’, and screaming ‘gunfire,’ and everyone just turned around and started running,” he said.


It’s crazy. But it shows these terrorists do not care who they kill and therefore referring to them as “Radical Islamic extremists” is not going to “upset” them.
Share this with others as a reminder of what we’re up against!

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