Friday, June 3, 2016

The leftist anti-America “protesters” as the media likes to call them stormed the streets of San Jose violently attacking anyone who disagreed with them.

These violent rioters and psychopaths threw eggs, attacked people from behind who were just walking down the street, and stomped on the American Flag. In some cases they bum-rushed people and brutally assaulted them. One guy details how he was beat with a traffic cone and had his knee dislocated.

Watch this violent and disgusting behavior from people who want to DESTROY the United States of America:

There is absolutely no excuse for this. None. What’s worse is the San Jose Mayor had the audacity to blame the violence on Donald Trump! People are responsible for their own actions.

This is disgusting and anybody supporting or even excusing it should be ashamed of themselves. This is why we need to build a wall!

Share this with others. Let them know this is INCOMPATIBLE with our AMERICAN values and our system of laws.

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