Monday, June 27, 2016

The left is going nuts at women who are supporting Donald Trump. They think women are supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton. So, the hashtag #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet was born, causing liberals to have panic attacks.

Here are just some of the Trump Girls showing their support:

Right on cue, the “party of feminism” starts calling female Trump supporters misogynistic names. They don’t seem to believe women are capable to think for themselves. Liberals think they have a cornerstone on the female vote and anyone who isn’t a liberal should be shamed.

Take a look at their nasty, hate-filled responses:

What pigs. Notice how when a liberal is losing a battle of the brains with conservative women, they always resort to using derogatory names. Keep it up Trump Babes!

Please share this if you support #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet!

H/T: BuzzFeed

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