Monday, June 20, 2016

The Obama Administration is erasing any doubt about where its allegiance is. After essentially losing track of terrorist Omar Mateen’s wife, they are trying to scrub away the fact that the Orlando massacre was indeed caused by radical Islam.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the 911 calls radical Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen made while he was killing people in Pulse Nightclub will be scraped of any allegiance to ISIS. The White House is also redacting any comments by the terrorist made about Islam.

They don’t want people to think this was a radical Islamic terrorist attack, even though Mateen made that clear and ISIS claimed responsibility. Obama and his allies in the left wing media are taking the focus off the terrorist and putting the blame on the Second Amendment.

You have to watch the video below.

It is amazing that they are so bold in their attempts to cover up for this terrorist.

Share this everywhere! We must get the word out and EXPOSE the Obama Administration for their blatant lies and deception.

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