Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Horrifying video of the beginning of the Orlando terrorist attack has emerged.

Amanda Alvear, who was killed that night, put video of her night out on Snapchat. The video shows her having fun with friends. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as people danced. Then you hear gunfire. The 25 year old was murdered by the radical Islamic terrorist shortly after taking the video.

Even when the shooting started, there wasn’t an immediate reaction as people were completely blindsided – and that was the intent of the terrorist who killed them. The video below is hard to watch, but it shows how something can turn violent so very quickly.

These men and women were just living their lives. They had no way of protecting themselves from this terrorist. Even when the bullets started flying, it looks as though they thought it was part of the music.

Amanda’s brother also shared the Snapchat video and said that she answered her phone once after the shooting began.

You never know where these radical nut jobs are going to show up. And with all those patrons being unable to defend themselves, the terrorist was able to maximize his damages.

Please share this to warn others of the dangers we face without adequate leadership against Islamic terrorism.

H/T: Unilad

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