Monday, June 20, 2016

Some very suspicious news regarding Orlando’s radical Islamic terrorist has been released. For only $10, Omar Mateen gave the rights to his house to his sister and brother-in-law. He did this two short months before massacring dozens of unsuspecting Americans at Pulse Nightclub.

This is highly suspicious. Did he want that house out of his name so that the victims couldn’t sue his estate? By transferring it to his sister’s name, he might have thought he could keep it in his family. Questions need to be asked of Mateen’s family. Did they have knowledge of his plans? Watch the video below to see if you think this is suspicious.

Here is a copy of the quitclaim deed.

The Obama Administration appears to be trying to cover up the motive for this attack. Mateen stated that he was with ISIS and killed people in jihad, but the White House is even scrubbing that information from the 911 call transcript. Do you think they will investigate this quitclaim deed?

Please share this if you think this is highly suspicious.

H/T: Fox News

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