Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reading Cher’s Twitter feed is like trying to comprehend a book about advanced physics after smoking crack followed by a chaser of a gallon of turpentine. Cher is the epitome of the left wing know nothing celebrity and her latest tirade is the perfect example of that.

She’s been on a roll lately with Trump hate tweets:

Apparently every Muslim in the world hates Donald Trump. Cher hates Trump but she does love emojis.

Here is more:

I think her caps lock key is stuck.

And one more:

She calls him an imbecile then misspells Trump’s name in a hashtag.

Cher is free to espouse her own opinion on anything she wants, including Donald Trump. But one would think people would at the very least, try to engage with a slightest bit of intelligence. That is not what Cher does. Every tine she opens her mouth, ignorance flows forth.

Bless her heart!

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