Monday, June 20, 2016




Michael Eric Dyson, an ‘activist’ known for all kinds of ridiculously racist statements, is once again throwing gasoline on a fire by calling on blacks to march on the Republican National Convention in Cleveland with “revolutionary intentions.”

Look at what he says:

“I know that these words can be read as a call to violence unseen at a national political convention since Chicago in 1968. So be it,” Mr. Dyson wrote Wednesday in an op-ed for The New Republic. “As Martin Luther King Jr. taught us, it is a risk we must take. We have a positive moral obligation to protest the nomination of this racist demagogue for president.

“It is not simply a matter of voicing disapprobation for Trump; his supporters, too, must be answered. They are driven by rage that a black man today still represents a nation that once held black folk in chains, and which still depends on the law to check their social and political aspirations,” he continued. “Barack Obama so spooked the bigoted whites of this country that we are now faced with a racist explicitness that hasn’t emerged since the height of the civil rights movement.

Mr. Dyson, your words aren’t just being read as a call to violence, they ARE a call to violence.

Would Donald Trump get away with this? Think about it for a moment. If Donald Trump said, “White people need to march on the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia and be prepared for violence. And not the politicians! Hillary’s supporters, too must be answered!”

If Donald Trump said that, the Secret Service would pay him a visit.

Here is an idea. Maybe Dyson should call black people to march on Chicago where 303 people have already been killed this year. It’s also more dangerous to be an African-American male there than anywhere near a Republican neighborhood.

There is no excuse for this kind of rhetoric. It is dangerous.

Share with others and let them know what kind of hate this man is spreading.

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