Monday, June 13, 2016

If you wanted to see how much more serious Donald Trump treats the terrorist threat in the United States than Hillary Clinton, it was simply a matter of looking at their responses to the awful terrorist shootings in Orlando.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stayed off the television for most of the day but they did have things to say via Twitter. Compare and contrast and you’ll get an understanding of where both of them are.

First, Hillary Clinton:


Now look at what Donald Trump said:

Notice the difference? If you were only reading Hillary’s tweets you wouldn’t know who attacked us and that is important!

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and President Obama are busy blaming gun laws and speaking about generic “hate.” They’re so afraid of being called “bigoted” they don’t want to point out what is responsible here.

Donald Trump went even further with a statement on his Facebook page. Here is part of what it said:

We need to protect all Americans, of all backgrounds and all beliefs, from Radical Islamic Terrorism – which has no place in an open and tolerant society. Radical Islam advocates hate for women, gays, Jews, Christians and all Americans. I am going to be a President for all Americans, and I am going to protect and defend all Americans.

That is what we need to hear from our leaders.

Read the rest and SHARE this with others so they know we need real leadership in the face of these horrific attacks.

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