Thursday, June 30, 2016

What has happened to our political leaders? Why on Earth are they so afraid to say radical Muslims struck again when it comes to terror? There were suicide bombings at the Istanbul airport in Turkey. Who else would it be? Quakers? Buddhists? Hare Krishnas?

John Kerry, as is almost always the case with people in the Obama administration, looks for any reason to avoid the elephant in the room. It’s there. Plain as day for all to see and yet Kerry would have you think it wasn’t around.

Watch this video clip as he pretends not to know who committed the acts of terror in Istanbul:

This is the kind of tomfoolery that continues to get people killed. The administration is so hell bent on making sure they don’t offend people, that radical Islamic terrorists operate with impunity. And attacks like this are already coming to the shores of the United States given the events of Orlando.

What will John Kerry do then?

Share this with others so they can see exactly how our leaders should NOT act in the face of terrorist attacks.

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