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The left and their hatred of the second amendment is never more evident after a terrorist or when a deranged person walks into a “gun free” zone and starts picking off victims knowing people who obey laws are not armed and therefore cannot shoot back.

Conservatives will say it is better to eliminate gun free zones and allow people to legally carry in such areas. Liberals respond by claiming those who conceal carry or even open carry, “never” stop crime from happening. It is an easily disprovable lie, however the story of a person preventing a mass shooting because they had a firearm in the wake of what happened in Orlando is sure to have left wing hackles up.

A man with a concealed carry license stopped a shooter after the latter opened fire on a crowd of people at a nightclub in South Carolina early Sunday morning, according to

After getting into a fight with another person, the 32-year-old suspect pulled out a gun and began to fire at a crowd of people gathered outside of the club, hitting and injuring four, WISTV reports. One of the victims, who holds a concealed-carry permit, shot back in self-defense, hitting the suspect in the leg.

The suspect has been charged with four counts of attempted murder. He was also charged for unlawfully carrying a weapon and for carrying one while committing a violent crime.

The concealed carrier who shot back won’t be facing any charges, as his permit to carry was valid.

Wow. Who knows how many people this dirtbag would have shot and perhaps killed if the man who shot him decided to leave his gun at home?

Share this story with other people. Here’s why: We are living in an era where overall, it is safer than it has been for nearly 40 years. For example, in New York City in 1990 and 1991 there were over 4,400 homicides. In 2014, there were a little over 400.

But danger still exists and as much as the cops will help, they cannot be there all the time. So, go to a local gun range. Learn to shoot. Then buy a gun. Then get a concealed carry permit or open carry. Follow local laws and be vigilant.

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