Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stacey Dash isn’t your typical Hollywood actress. She is a proud conservative and she’s a Fox News Contributor.

Dash took on problematic Democratic inner city problems head on.

She points out that continuing with the same leftist polices which have failed for decades will only breed more failure. Cities should instead turn to conservative policies.

Watch as she infuriates liberals everywhere:


The liberals definitely went on a rampage. Dash told the Hollywood Reporter that her acting offers dried up after she came out as a conservative. Not only that, she has been called a racist for not subscribing to radical left wing principles.


Everybody tells me I’m racist.  I’m a black Mexican. It’s absurd. White casting people have actually said to me, ‘You’re not black enough.’ It’s the same as stereotyping white people, with ugly sweaters at Christmas and grandma drunk on eggnog. That’s not white people, and now they say black people have to think, act, speak and look a certain way in order be black enough.

I came out as a conservative and everybody shut the door on me. I lost friends and family. What I did not lose is my dignity and my strength.

Despite all of this, Dash isn’t changing who she is to satisfy others. Instead she is doubling down on being a conservative.

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