Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hollywood gun control advocates continue to blame the Orlando terrorist attack on the Second Amendment. Their objective is to limit the rights of legal gun owners.

A bunch of them signed a ridiculous letter calling for gun control. Even Paul McCartney and Sting signed petitions for gun control in the United States. Apparently they forgot they aren’t Americans and really don’t have any standing to attempt to limit our rights.

Conservative actress Stacey Dash doesn’t agree with them. She’s not afraid to take a stance, even when it has damaged her career. It’s not a wise career choice to support the Second Amendment in Hollywood, but she continues to speak out. She points out these entertainers who want to disarm us aren’t willing to give up their armed bodyguards.

She breaks down the Hollywood hypocrisy and lollipop utopian gun control dreams in the video below.

It’s so good to hear one of Hollywood’s own condemn the lefties who have taken over and continue to push to take our rights away.

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