Monday, June 20, 2016

President Obama has been working hard to fast track the arrival of thousands of Syrian refugees to the United States, but if the press actually covered what happened in Idaho, it might put the brakes on Obama’s plans.

Three Syrian refugees allegedly raped and urinated on a girl while holding her at knifepoint at Fawnbrook apartments in Twin Falls, Idaho. The assault occurred on June 2nd. The refugee boys who reportedly did this to her are 13, 10 and 8. The oldest was the one who coordinated and recorded the assault.

After the girl’s grandmother found her, she called police. However, when the police showed up to the thirteen year old’s apartment, his father congratulated the thugs.

As word of this horrific crime spread throughout the town, residents appealed to their government officials. At an explosive city council meeting, residents demanded answers from the council about the disgusting, brutal crime.

The city council feigned ignorance, claiming they had no idea what the citizens were talking about. Watch their atrocious behavior:

Since everyone involved is a minor, a judge has sealed the records. But, the information should be reported with the redacted names of the offenders and victim. As Obama’s administration is unilaterally opening the floodgates to refugees, we need to be armed with the truth about the threat we are facing!

Share to BRING TO LIGHT this TERRIBLE crime and the complicit Twin Falls city council! Justice is NEEDED!

H/T: Info Wars

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