Friday, June 3, 2016

If your pet has ever gone missing, you know the panic that can ensue. Imagine how much worse it is when your dog is lost at sea.

That’s what happened to Joey Myrick when he was boating in the Gulf of Mexico with his Jack Russell Terrier, Jägermeister. He frantically searched for his little buddy, but he feared hope was lost.


As he was printing LOST DOG flyers, Myrick got a call from the Coast Guard that his best friend had been found.

Watch the video below to see the reaction from the boaters who had quite an extraordinary day!

As you can see in the next video, the experience didn’t dampen Jägermeister’s enthusiasm for the water. He was happy to be reunited with his family, but he wanted to go back out on the boat!

Please share this if you are happy Jägermeister is back with his dad!

H/T: Sharably

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