Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Norm Price made quite a discovery one day when he was drinking beer. He bent the beer cap and tossed it on his workbench. It landed next to a hook. Then he had a revelation. “That would catch a fish!”

And he was right! He put steel balls inside the bent cap, put it on a hook and added a swivel. Then he went fishing. His first four casts into the river scored him two trout.

“This lure catches any fish that eats minnows,” he says. “I usually retrieve it steadily, twitching to give it some action, but I’ve also jigged it ice fishing, rigged it behind bottom bouncers for walleyes, and skipped it across the surface for pike.”

As you can see, you can catch some mighty big fish with these rather simple lures.

He was so successful at fishing with these lures that he started a company named The Original Bottle Cap Lure. Beer can do great things! It can even help put dinner on the table!

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H/T: Field and Stream

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