Thursday, June 30, 2016

There is a tree that is so deadly that just standing under it could kill you. Every part of this tree is toxic and has life ending consequences for anyone who comes in contact with it.

The Manchineel Tree can be found in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico, parts of northern South America, The Galápagos Islands and even in Florida. So if you are going to any of those places, you need to be aware of what it looks like. It is sometimes accompanied with a warning sign because the tree is so deadly.

It’s not just the apples from this tree that will kill you. Touching the bark can burn your skin. And if you stand under the tree while it’s raining, you could end up in the morgue.

The video below can give you more information on how this tree kills humans and it shows you how to identify one.

Maybe I was meant to stay inside with my air conditioning! I don’t want to be killed from seeking shade under a tree! Mosquito bites while going on a walk would be the least of my worries!

Please share this to warn others about the Manchineel tree!

H/T: IFL Science

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