Friday, June 3, 2016

Dizzy yet? Back in 2013, the State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki admitted to Fox News reporter, James Rosen that government officials sometimes lie to the public in the interests of national security.

Well somebody didn’t want that seen and before posting the video to the State Department YouTube account, Psaki’s answer was edited out of the video. When it was discovered the video was edited, the State Department blamed it on a “glitch.”

That was a lie. 

Watch the video:

Can you believe this? Naturally, Jen Psaki says she had nothing at all to do with the video being edited. Right, and Michael Moore is the new spokesperson for Slim Fast.

The worst part is, nothing will happen to anybody. Apparently, at the time, there were no rules governing this. Government officials could just cut out whatever embarrassing, dishonest, misleading, and ultimately false video elements they wanted!

Pass this around to others and let them know what kind of deception this administration is willing to engage in.

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