Thursday, June 9, 2016

Many of our veterans are in serious need of help. Multitudes of them are returning from battle without proper care from the VA. Our country made a promise to these men and women and we are failing them.

Cole Lyle is one of those men. As a Marine, he went to war to protect our freedoms, but he returned home with PTSD. The VA prescribed him medication which seemed to exacerbate his issues. As many of his friends lost their battles with PTSD, Cole thought he was next.

Cole got off his medications since they weren’t helping. He asked the VA about getting a service dog but was told they don’t provide service dogs for veterans. Instead, they just prescribe pills that don’t work and make veterans wait months for healthcare. What a disgrace the VA has become under the Obama Administration!

When the VA failed him, he used $10,000 of his own money to get a German Shepard puppy named Kaya. She was trained to recognize when Cole is stressed and wake him up from nightmares. Within weeks, Cole had a much better grasp on his depression and anxiety.

Now, Cole is helping lobby for the PAWS Act to provide service dogs to our veterans who need them. Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers Act has over 80 Congressman on board so far, but Cole and Kaya are working hard to make this bill become law.

Kaya has been making the rounds on Capitol Hill to lobby for the PAWS Act. Her presence is helping tremendously as it’s easy to see how much Cole benefits from her. As you can see in the video below, Kaya is quite a successful lobbyist.

22 veterans commit suicide each day. We are failing our heroes! A service dog is an easy solution and a much better investment than pills. If you support the PAWS Act, please sign the petition or contact your federally elected officials.

This video of Kaya lobbying for the PAWS Act needs to go viral to get some attention. Please share it to show your support!

H/T: IJ Review

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