Monday, June 6, 2016

Comedy isn’t what it used to be. The classics will always be my favorite. They were able to make us laugh without crude or demeaning humor. And usually these same entertainers were not only great at their art form, but they were great people too!

In 1975, John Wayne and Bob Hope did a skit about being college basketball coaches. It was a rare treat for these two to perform together and it’s pretty funny. You can watch it below.

The comments on the video show that a lot of people long for entertainers like Hope and Wayne. They were not only great men on stage, but they were great Americans.

YouTuber Rich Hartley said, “My Grandfather had Bob Hope and John Wayne as neighbors, and Gramps coached a little league team that was sponsored by John Wayne. Mr. Wayne didn’t just write a check, he would sometimes show up at the games to cheer the kids on! It was a different era, the era that brought us other heroes like Ronald Reagan. How sad that in America today we have so few celebs and fewer politicians who stand up for America.”

I agree! We need entertainers like that again. Until that day happens, I’ll just watch the classics!

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