Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our national nightmare, Barack Obama as President, is almost over. We just have a few months left. His popularity is tanking and it’s clearly having an effect on him.

In Indiana, the Complainer in Chief placed the blame on his unpopularity not on his poor policies and divisive rhetoric, but on talk radio.

“I mean, we have been hearing this story for decades: tales about welfare queens, talking about takers, talking about the ’47 percent’. It’s the story that is broadcast every day on some cable news stations, on right-wing radio. It’s pumped into cars and bars and VFW halls all across America, and right here in Elkhart. And if you’re hearing that story all the time, you start believing it.

“It’s no wonder people think big government is the problem.”

BIG GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM, MR. PRESIDENT. The American taxpayers have to foot the bill for your endless entitlement programs. The burdens are placed right on our shoulders.

Watch his inane comments:

He really is pretty unbelievable. I’m tired of hearing this man whine about “fair share” when he sacrifices nothing. When has he ever struggled? All he knows how to do is blame others and apologize for American exceptionalism.

Please share this if you are ready for President Donald Trump!

H/T: Truth Revolt

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