Tuesday, July 19, 2016

There is no doubt Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi. She also refused to provide more security despite repeated requests from Chris Stevens.

This resulted in the death of four Americans including Ambassador Stevens. One of the other victims was Sean Smith. He was not a diplomat or a member of the armed forces. He was an IT specialist and was there to assist in that function. He died because of the incompetence of the State Department and their head, Hillary Clinton.

Last night, Sean Smith’s mother was able to tell her story. Essentially, what she said (and what she has said in the past) is that she met with Hillary Clinton and was told without equivocation, “It was because of that video.”

Of course, security personnel on the ground that night said there were no protests. It had nothing to do with a video. Hillary Clinton herself confirmed that with an email she sent that night to Chelsea, informing her it was a terrorist attack.

She looked this grieving mother in the eye and flat out lied to her. Watch what Sean’s mother said last night:

A powerful statement. And one that is completely deserved. Hillary may not have set the fire that killed Sean Smith, but she laid the groundwork.

Share this with others. People NEED to see this.

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