Monday, July 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders spoke at a rally at the Democractic National Convention earlier today where he once again betrayed his loyal supporters in favor of Hillary Clinton.

His supporters felt the sting of his betrayal and were none too kind to the Senator when he declared, “We have to to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.” They loudly booed their disapproval for the man they once cheered. It’s actually quite hilarious seeing all of these people watch the man they trusted betray them for one of the most corrupt people we have ever seen run for office.


See for yourself:

Meanwhile, outside the convention more Bernie supporters were chanting, “Hell No DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary!”

This is huge! With more and more of Hillary’s lies and corruption being unveiled everyday, Bernie’s very own supporters are seeing him and his “revolution” for the fraud and charade it has been the entire time.

Hillary Clinton must never be allowed to become the President of the United States. She is a liar, most likely the most corrupt person on the planet, and puts America at risk! Even Bernie’s very own supporters know this!

Share if you will do everything you can to STOP Hillary Clinton from attaining the Presidency!


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