Monday, July 18, 2016

Sheriff Clarke isn’t afraid to dish out common sense advice. He’s also a vocal critic of the Black Lives Matter movement. And when CNN’s Don Lemon was providing cover for the movement that has taken the lives of 8 police officers in 11 days, Clarke exposed Lemon to be a coward and a fraud.

When Lemon pointed out incorrect stats that point to police officers being racist, Clarke informed him those stats were a lie and the President was lying.

Clarke went for Lemon’s journalistic jugular in the video below. He pointed out Lemon’s false narrative and his complete ignorance about black on black crime. You’ve got to see this video!

BOOM! Sheriff Clarke isn’t about to take any left wing nonsense from CNN. He stands up for his fellow officer in the face of Black Lives Matter and he’s not afraid to speak the truth!

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H/T: InfoWars

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