Friday, July 15, 2016

A military coup is taking place right now in Turkey, a NATO ally. This is an ongoing story and we will continue to update.

Military forces closed bridges and were flying planes very close to the city.

The Prime Minister of Turkey says he will fight back against this coup:

Ankara Police have been called back to duty.

The Ataturk Airport is currently being guarded by Turkish forces in tanks:

Forces are also deployed outside of Istanbul:

Turkey has blocked YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter:

And the Turkish state TV has been shut down.

The military is now claiming they have control of the country:

However, it appears there is still fighting happening:

CNN is reporting the Turkish President is safe.

A battle seems to be taking place in Istanbul:

The Turkish Chief of Military has been taken hostage:

The Turkish President is requesting international aid:

US forces at Incirilik have halted missions:

Government forces are claiming they are beating back the coup attempt:

Fighter jets continue to fly over Ankara as tear gas is launched into a prominent square:

Curfew has now been declared:

And now Martial Law

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