Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The DNC in Philadelphia has been quite chaotic. Hillary Clinton is repeatedly booed among many of the delegates in attendance. Some media outlets aren’t reporting on the full battle that is being waged because it paints a dark picture for the former First Lady.

Thankfully, people at the convention are posting to Twitter to show the world what is really going on.

Black Lives Matter protesters have some very strong feelings about Hillary Clinton. They want her to go the way of her emails.

Bernie Sanders supporters left the convention in large waves, leaving many empty seats to protest the nomination of the scandal plagued former First Lady.

The DNC has revoked the credentials of a prominent black Ohio Democrat who supports Bernie Sanders. Nina Turner isn’t one to keep quiet. Expect her to have a lot to say about this!

Delegates are lining up at the actual convention to say they won’t vote for Hillary. Many will venture to the Green party. This is Hillary’s base. She shouldn’t have to work for their support. But today, they are running from her.

This California delegate isn’t voting for Hillary Clinton in November. She is objecting to Hillary’s “coronation.”

Also, racism is acceptable at the DNC. That is of course, racism against white people. At this Black Lives Matter protest, whites are asked to go to the back. Your importance is determined by your skin color.

Wow! I don’t see any party unity coming out of Philadelphia. Hillary is going to have a real struggle over the next few months. She might be greeted with boos wherever she goes!

Please share this to get the word out about how the DNC delegates aren’t accepting of Hillary!

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