Thursday, July 28, 2016

Donald Trump is a billionaire. Whether he’s worth $4 billion, $10 billion or $2 billion doesn’t matter much in the scheme of things. In most cases, billionaires wouldn’t want much to do with the little guy. Donald Trump in most contexts would be considered a “suit” and the commoners shouldn’t consort with the “suits.”

But Donald Trump is different. Middle class voters are drawn to him because he understands the issues they’re facing. He may be rich, but he’s not out of touch like Crooked Hillary Clinton who hasn’t even driven a car in the last 20 years.

Check out this video. You see Trump’s plane and there are all these cops around and after awhile you seem them quickly moving towards the plane and then you see why:

Here’s another look:

See that? Took photos, shook hands and stopped to talk for a bit like it was no big deal. President Obama or even Hillary couldn’t care less about the cops because they look upon them disdain.

Share this with others. Let them know what men and women in blue think of Trump.

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