Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The FBI may have given Hillary Clinton a get out jail free pass by failing to prosecute her, but FBI Director James Comey’s press conference itself is an attack ad against Hillary.

We now have proof from the Obama Administration that Hillary Clinton is a liar. When Comey’s words are compared with Hillary’s, the effect is damning on the former First Lady.

You can see two of these videos below. See which one you believe is more effective. The first one is from Fox and Friends.

Bam! This woman is a manipulative liar. Even the FBI said so! Now check out the video from the RNC showing Comey calling out Hillary’s top 5 lies about her email scandal.

The jig may be up for Crooked Hillary. She likely won’t be the next President now but she should be thankful that she won’t be behind bars. And while the Clintons might not have to follow the laws, their actions will have consequences at the ballot box!

Please share this to get the word out about Hillary’s lies!

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