Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sheriff Clarke doesn’t mince words. He is a very vocal advocate for justice, common sense and those who put on a uniform to protect us. And last summer he seemingly predicted the deaths of five Dallas police officers by a Black Lives Matter protester.

In a CNN interview, Clarke said Black Lives Matter is a “vile vulgar slimy movement.” He basically embarrassed liberal BLM protestor Marc Lamont Hill. Hill showed no sympathy for the NYPD officers who were executed by a BLM protestor last year.

Clarke said the movement should be called “Black Lies Matter” in the video below and pointed out how the police don’t receive any sort of due process before they are being killed.

Marc Lamont Hill tried to spin, but Clarke just kept neutralizing him. That’s why Clarke is so popular. He speaks for common sense and isn’t afraid to hurt someone’s feelings when he’s speaking the truth.

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