Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Donald Trump Jr. gave a stellar speech at the RNC on Tuesday night. The first born son of the real estate mogul highlighted the strong work ethic his father instilled in his children.

Don Jr. highlighted his father’s business success as well as his success at being a father. He mentioned that he and his siblings were given blue collar role models when they were children to ensure they understood the value of hard physical labor and those who endure it daily.

He not only made the argument for why his father would be a great president, but he hit hard on the Democrats and Hillary Clinton for their failed policies that have caused such burdens on the middle class.

Watch the speech below and you will understand why so many are saying it is the best speech of the convention so far.

Fantastic speech! Sometimes you can really tell someone’s character by their relationship with their children. Donald Trump obviously succeeded at fatherhood. He ensured his children appreciate and understand what everyday Americans experience.

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