Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Flip Wilson sure could make us laugh. His variety show was one that American families could watch together. Typical of classic TV, it was fun but it was family friendly too. The whole family could laugh together while watching The Flip Wilson Show.

George Carlin was a writer on Flip’s show and would make occasional appearances. When these two teamed up to report the news, it was better than Saturday Night Live!

This was before George was well known and was how many of us were introduced to the legendary comic. George and Flip worked well together on The Flip Wilson Show. At one time, the show was the second highest-rated show on network television. It was such a crowd pleaser that it even earned an Emmy.

Check out these news reports from George and Flip to lighten your mood today.

That was so long ago that even George Carlin kept his comedy clean! I miss those days! George stepped out of Flip’s shadow and went on to become a legendary comic in his own right. Rolling Stone ranked Carlin as the second-best stand up comic of all time, right behind Richard Pryor.

Flip Wilson was known as “TV’s first Black Superstar.” He was the first African-American to host a weekly television show. Americans turned in by the millions to watch Flip’s show! He was trailblazer. We tuned in because he was hilarious. Before he got his own show, he was a favorite guest on The Tonight Show and the Ed Sullivan Show. Those performances helped bolster his fan base.

As funny as Flip was, family came first to him. He put the brakes on his career in 1979 when he gained custody of his children. He didn’t want to regret spending so much time away from them. That is not something you hear often from actors and it makes me appreciate Flip even more!

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