Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Obama Administration has taken a hard line in the sand against what they perceive to be a direct threat to Americans and humanity – air conditioning.

While in Vienna, Secretary of State John Kerry said that air conditioners pose a bigger threat than ISIS. Air conditioning actually saves lives. Sweltering heat can kill babies, the elderly and the informed. But, apparently being beheaded by ISIS is preferable to saving lives, according to the Obama Administration.

This Administration is so clueless that they can’t even get basic common sense right. They are so out of touch with the struggles of everyday Americans that they don’t understand that we don’t like sweating like pigs. But, perhaps that’s the point. They want us to be miserable.

Watch the video from Fox News below to learn more.

Since air conditioning is so dangerous, I would like to propose that they turn it off at the DNC in Philadelphia. Let those thousands of delegates sweat it out. Given the fact that many of them may be protesting deodorant, it could be a smelly situation.

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H/T: Fox News

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