Friday, July 8, 2016

Eleven police officers were shot in Dallas last night during a Black Lives Matter protest. Five of those officers lost their lives protecting those protesters.

Three people are now in police custody for this attack. Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown said that a gunman told police negotiators he is “upset about Black Lives Matter [protest movement], about recent police shootings, upset at white people, and he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

So, this thug admitted to a hate crime. Let’s see if the Obama Administration will treat it as such.

Millions were watching all of this unfold live on television. A live stream of an execution of one of the police officers was broadcast. It is awful, but it’s important to know how brutal these racists are. You can see that video below.

So awful. And as the country is numb following these attacks, we need to wake up and start protecting our police officers. They are under attack with not only weapons, but also in verbal attacks from even those in office. We need to all stand up and say this is wrong and we won’t allow it to happen again. No more coddling of these violent protesters.

Please share this if you want justice!

H/T: Vidmax

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