Friday, July 29, 2016

The liberals at the DNC sure made a spectacle of themselves protesting over Hillary and Bernie. They certainly are a very fractured party.

Some people at the DNC took it a lot further than just being mad that the party rigged the election for Hillary. They also really don’t like the US. You could see this on signs, but also in flag burnings.

One man in a skirt upped his stupidity game by trying to jump on a burning flag. His skirt caught ablaze and he fell to the ground on fire as you can see in the video tweet below.

These USA-hating, liberal protesters don’t seem to understand how fire works. A leftist protesting the RNC also caught himself on fire trying to burn a flag.

What a bunch of idiots. Did they not know that fire will burn them? Obviously, this man’s long skirt wasn’t going to protect him from that blaze.

Please share this to show others how stupid these flag burning protesters are!

H/T: Libertarian Republic

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