Thursday, July 21, 2016

Some left-wing protesters at the RNC started burning a flag when karma hit them immediately. It is never a good idea to light anything on fire in a packed crowd. This fool lit the flag and then got burned.

This group of protestors felt a very crowded area was an appropriate place to start a fire. Now, we know they aren’t respectful of our country since they are burning the flag, but now we know in addition to being traitors, they are complete idiots.

You have to be a special kind of fool to play with fire when you’re in a very crowded area. As far as I’m concerned, this jerk got exactly what he deserves.

Watch the video below to see this man win the Darwin Award. My favorite part is the police officer yelling, “You’re on fire, Stupid!”

That man got some immediate justice and it’s his own fault. Let’s send him a WAHMBULANCE! His mother must not have taught him not to play with fire. Now maybe he finally learned this lesson!

People who burn the flag always get a strong reaction from patriotic Americans. They are trying to upset us and it typically works because it’s a disgraceful act. Joe Parks commented on the video “These people are not Americans in my eyes….no matter if they belong to some anti-American group or doing it just to get attention…..they are still living in this country…, I believe they need to be forced to fly on a plane full of flag draped caskets… the love ones as they take the casket(s) off the plane….attend the funerals…….sit and talk with the love ones as to why their son or daughter chose to join the arm forces…..make them live in a country that hates us for 3 months, and if they still want to burn the flag they have no soul, they are so full of hate for this country they cannot ever be changed, and they do not deserve to be in this country.”

These folks don’t have any respect for Americans who sacrifice their lives to protect our freedoms. They also don’t have any concern for harming anyone else when they are burning the flag.

Click here to watch a Fed Ex driver stop his deliveries to save a flag from being burned!

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