Monday, July 25, 2016

Just weeks after an ISIS supporter killed dozens at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, another shooter has fired upon a crowd in a Florida nightclub.

It was teen night and no IDs were required as Club Blu in Fort Myers wanted to provide a fun and safe place for underage kids to hang out on a summer night. But, gunfire erupted as parents were about to pick up their kids.

Two were killed and at least 14 were wounded. The youngest victim is 12. High school basketball standout Stefan Strawder was killed at the nightclub. Before heading out, he posted about it on Facebook.

Club Blu also posted on Facebook about the tragedy.

Terrorism isn’t suspected at this point, but the investigation is ongoing. Three suspects are in custody and the weapons that were used have been recovered. You can learn more at the video below.

This is just deplorable. Those parents allowed their kids to attend thinking it was safe and some thug came in and shot up the place. As the investigation continues, it will be interesting to see if the armed security returned fire.

The left will likely use this as an excuse to grab our guns, but this obviously wasn’t caused by a responsible gun owner. Gun laws don’t prevent this type of crime.

Please share to PRAY for the families and survivors!

H/T: NBC News

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