Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson isn’t afraid to say something controversial when it’s the truth. He’s not politically correct – at all. He says what needs to be said without fear of offending the paper tissue feelings crowd.

Phil didn’t disappoint when he gave a recent interview with Steve Bannon of Breitbart News. He is likely going to get a lot of blowback from the lefty media that already hates him for his outspoken Christian beliefs after this interview. Phil said that Satan controls the media.

“Satan controls our news media, Satan controls our institutions of higher learning, and he controls what goes on in Hollywood… They will label people like Trump what they are,” he says. “There [are] two great powers at work. There’s good—that’s God—and [there’s] evil. You have the larger portion [that is] controlled by the evil one,” he says.

Listen to the full interview here:

I don’t think the media is going to take kindly to being equated to Satan! Phil likely doesn’t have any fans left in the MSM. But, that’s okay because everyday Americans support Phil and know the MSM has an agenda!

Phil has made a lot of waves this week. He supported Ted Cruz in the primary, but now following his son Willie’s lead is backing Donald Trump.

Phil had some words for Ted Cruz. “You lost, he won,” Robertson said. Phil thinks Cruz should forgive Trump and issue an endorsement.

Phil’s words about Cruz certain weren’t as strong as they were for the media, but it was quite a statement. He thinks we need to unify behind Trump. This is especially important because we are fighting not only Hillary, but her lapdogs in the mainstream media!

Please share this if you agree with Phil that we must find God in these trying times!

H/T: Christianity Today

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