Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke is a one man wrecking crew. As a man whose career in law enforcement has spanned nearly four decades, he has seen it all. From patrol as a beat cop, to investigations as a homicide detective, and finally to the politics of law enforcement as an elected law enforcement official.

He knows the politics because Wisconsin is not exactly a bright red state. He is tough, but he’s fair. Clarke went off on Democrats in an Op-ed on Fox News saying black Americans should look elsewhere and then lays the smack down on Black Lives Matter.

Here are some highlights:

the Democrats are continuing their fifty-year assault on the Black community, adding to it this season with the normalization of criminal behavior and demonization of law enforcement.

The Democrat Party’s embrace of chaos and criminality is the last step in breaking the backs of this community. From welfare to the Margaret Sanger eugenics of abortion to the breakdown of the family unit, the left has pursued policies that keep the Black community dependent, destitute, and demoralized – and fed them crumbs to assure their loyalty.

By the time this party is through ensuring each and every poor Black man and woman raises their children on the Democrat plantation of welfare, dependency, and animosity toward their neighbor, there will be many more grieving mothers and fathers.

Don’t blame the police for having to deal aggressively due to underclass dysfunctional lifestyles brought on by failed liberal Democrat policies that keep blacks mired in a position of living life at the bottom.

It’s time for Black America to divide itself from this party we’ve been falsely connecting ourselves to for fifty years and return home to the party of Frederick Douglass, the party of emancipation, the party of equality under the law and equal opportunity for all.

Clarke then went on Fox News to provide a blistering critique of the DNC and the message they are sending to the people of the United States of America:

Dang. He speaks the truth. And he doesn’t back down when people try to attack him. Chances are, he will come under scrutiny for what he has said here but I don’t think it will matter much to him.

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