Thursday, July 7, 2016

A mother and her 4 year old daughter received a frightening shock while waiting in line at a Southern California cell phone store.

In Victorville, California 24-year-old Terry Ransom attempted to kidnap the young girl. He quickly opened the door to the the Macias Cellular & Computers store, grabbed the young girl and dragged her outside.

Watch the surveillance footage from the cellphone store:

Fortunately, the mother and other witnesses were quick to respond. Ransom was unable to kidnap the young girl and was pursued by witnesses. He was eventually arrested by deputies as they searched the nearby area.

Ransom has been charged with kidnapping and child cruelty.

The young girl did not appear to suffer any physical injuries.

Hopefully, this scumbag gets the justice he deserves. It’s disgusting that he would try and kidnap an innocent four year old!

Share with your friends and family to show them the dangers of kidnapping and why you should be armed to protect your family.

H/T ABC News

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