Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This year’s RNC is unlike any previous one. Politicians are taking a back seat to everyday Americans whose lives have been impacted by the failures of the Democrats.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. addressed the delegates telling the heartbreaking story of his son Jas who was killed by an illegal alien. Jas was a high school football standout whose life was snuffed out by someone here illegally.

Shaw pointed out that his son’s black life didn’t matter to Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Those two stand with the illegal aliens. Simply put, without these failed immigration policies, Jas Shaw would still be alive today.

Watch Shaw’s RNC speech below and see if you agree with him.

It’s easy to see why everyday Americans are coming out in support of Donald Trump. His common sense approach to standing up for private citizens is resonating with people like Jamiel Shaw Sr.

Please share this you believe Jas Shaw’s black life mattered!


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