Friday, July 22, 2016

Immigration has been an important issue in the 2016 presidential election. It’s an issue that is causing a lot of problems throughout Europe as well. As so many refugees flee the Middle East, many countries have had to deal with issues surrounding unvetted immigrants who don’t want to assimilate to the culture of their new country.

Well, Switzerland has had enough! It is not accepting excuses for not acclimating to Swiss culture. Two girls who refused to take mandatory swimming lessons because boys would be present had their naturalization applications rejected. The girls claimed it was against their religion to swim in the presence of males, but Switzerland didn’t accept that as a valid excuse.

“Whoever doesn’t fulfill these conditions violates the law and therefore cannot be naturalized,” Stefan Wehrle, president of the naturalization committee said.

This is the first time the country rejected an application for citizenship based up school requirements, so it will be setting a precedent for others. In Switzerland, immigrants must prove they have assimilated and respect the local culture to gain citizenship.

The Swiss have also denied citizenship to Muslim men who cite religious reasons why they cannot shake the hands of women. Simply put, the Swiss aren’t sacrificing or apologizing for their culture. If you want to be a citizen, you have to become one of them!

Previously, a Muslim immigrant group called for the white cross to be removed from the Swiss flag because it offends them. What in the hell? A guest in a country doesn’t have a right to demand a culture change for them.

Citizens should not have to adjust their own culture for new citizens. If you don’t like the way we do things, you don’t have to be here. If you want to be one of us, you have to accept us. Otherwise, get out. We don’t need to change who we are out of fear of offending someone. Why is this so hard to understand?

Please share this if you think the United States should follow in Switzerland’s footsteps on immigration!

H/T: One Hundred Percent Fed Up

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