Friday, July 15, 2016

Texan Sean Copeland took his family to the French Riveria for the trip of a lifetime never expecting that a terrorist would take his life and the life of his 11 year old son Brodie.

As families gathered in Nice to watch fireworks for Bastille Day, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a truck over a mile through the crowd mowing down innocent people. The Copelands were among them.

Fox News reported that Brodie was an avid baseball player and he is being mourned by many. The family is obviously devastated, but so is their community as the Copelands were very actively engaged in the Austin area.

Any murder is a tragedy, but many of see Brodie and think of our own children or grandchildren. This enrages me. How can our President not be outraged? He will claim this was a “lone wolf” but there are more than enough of these “lone wolves” to make up one hell of a big wolf pack.

As learn in the video below, a number of children were killed by this terrorist. This man wanted to massacre as many people as he could. And 11 year old Brodie was among those victims.

It’s important that we remember Brodie to celebrate his life but also to let others know this can happen to them. Look at Brodie’s picture and think about all the dreams he had for the future. And he was mowed down to promote an agenda of Sharia Law. Shame on anyone who doesn’t get angry about this.

If I or my family members were killed by a terrorist, I would want people to be enraged. I would hope my death would wake people up to the perils of political correctness. We can’t be afraid of offending people who want to kill us.

Brodie’s face should be everywhere to wake people up. They want to kill us all!

H/T: Rare

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