Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Democrats think every hearing the GOP has is political theater or political grandstanding. Today, the House Oversight Committee, questioned FBI Director James Comey over his decision not to recommend Hillary Clinton face criminal charges related to her email scandal.

Naturally, despite the importance of knowing why Comey made this decision, because it involved Crooked Hillary, Democrats were ready to whine that it was all “political.”

That is when Texas Congressman, Will Hurd, a veteran undercover CIA operative and one who knows the value of keeping classified information safe, had heard enough and let his Democrat colleagues hear about it:

WOW. He is absolutely right. Democrats never want to hold their own responsible for what they do. At the very LEAST, Crooked Hillary acted recklessly when handling classified information. If that gets into the wrong hands, people can die. Will Hurd was 100% right to blast Democrats for their actions.

Share this with others. This kind of thing is too important to trivialize.

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