Monday, July 11, 2016

You can learn a lot about a celebrity’s character by how the act when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Luke Bryan proved that he is a real class act when he was at the beach and a Sheriff’s truck got stuck in the sand. The Country Star put his muscles to work and helped get the officers out of this jam.

Nobody would have known if one of the men didn’t tweet about it. Luke wasn’t searching for public praise. He was just helping out!

We live in a era where celebrities often feel they are royalty. Could you imagine Kanye West helping anyone but himself? Hell no! But, Luke Bryan sure did.

Luke Bryan is proud of who he is. He’s not ashamed to hunt or fish or just be a regular guy as you can see the video below from his most recent album.

It seems country musicians aren’t the prima donnas that you find in other genres today. They tend to be proud Americans and they don’t shy away from their fans.

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H/T: Rare

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